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Progressive Laboratories C-Aspa Scorb Description: High C Ascorbate With Aspartates

C Aspa Scorb was formulated as a mineral transporter based on the results of studies by several researchers, principally Hans Neiper, M.D., West Germany. Note: Calcium and Sodium ascorbate have been intentionally left out of this formula.

A seven year study by a well-known doctor concluded that a 50/50 mixture of potassium and magnesium aspartate decreased the death rate from myocardial infarct by 84%. These results were confirmed by an Australian study. An important factor in overcoming myocardial muscular fatigue and subsequent potential muscular necrosis in the myocardium, and overcoming an overspill of the lactic acid pool, is to increase the formation of ATP. Aspartic acid transports potassium and magnesium ions to the inner layer of the outer cell membrane which activates the respective enzymes, resulting in increased formation of ATP.

It is well known that a high potency intake of mineral ascorbates increases urinary excretion of several minerals, chiefly calcium and magnesium. The ascorbate bonding of calcium is of prime importance for removal of unwanted mineral deposits. Additional minerals have been added to insure that proper mineral levels are maintained. Ascorbated minerals are partially bound and partially electro-statically associated which assures their availability. Calcium and sodium are intentionally left out of this formula. Calcium should be monitored by the health care professional and administered in the proper form as required.

A recent study has shown that failure of the natural pacemaker system of the heart can be substantially reduced by administering selenium. It further stated that 90% of all pacemaker implants would be superfluous if adequate amounts of selenium were administered. Studies of certain areas of China, Finland and the United States, where the soil is selenium poor, showed heart disease and death from heart attack to be far above the average for other areas of these countries. Adding selenium to the diets of people in these areas significantly reduced heart disease.

Research indicates that Vitamin C helps to prevent blood clots. One study has shown that patients given two grams of Vitamin C daily had fewer adhesive platelets. In other tests with patients suffering from heart disease, Vitamin C was found to increase fibrinolytic activity by over 60% even though none of the patients was deficient in Vitamin C. Further studies reveal that treatment with Vitamin C will lower LDL and increase HDL concentrations and also stimulate production of the enzyme LPL (lipotrophic lipase) which acts as a cleansing agent on vascular walls. Of course this quality product can be used wherever a potent Vitamin C product is required and can be tailored to just about any potency needed.

Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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