Invision International Silver 100 Ionic Silver Complex Dropper – 2 fl oz


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Product Description

Invision International Silver 100 Ionic Silver Complex Dropper Description: The Quantum Leap in Efficiently Delivering Silver Ions to the Body
Controlled release for optimal performance

  • Optimized delivery: Opti-Silver is the patented key that provides the all-important controlled carrying and releasing of silver ions to the body
  • Smallest units of silver that exist: Delivers silver ions, 0.26 nanometer in size, far smaller than any pathogen
  • Economical: One bottle contains as much silver as ten bottles of 10-ppm silver, yet you use less per day than even 1000-ppm silver due to the superior performance
  • 100% safe: Delivers less silver than you may be getting with your everyday drinking water, but as powerful ions.

    The key to truly reaping the benefits of ionic silver is the controlled release of silver ions in the body. To achieve this, silver ions must first be captured (deactivated), transported into the system, and then released (activated). Otherwise, they will bind up with substances in the body and be useless.
    Colloidal* and other forms of silver, whether called ionic or not, may work decently but have far less efficient and far less consistent methods of delivery. Many of their bonds are too weak to carry the silver ions (the ions are active in the bottle or test tube, not in the body) or too strong to release them.
    Citrate provides the optimal bond strength for efficiently carrying and releasing silver ions into the body Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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