A small handful of them — about 1.5 ounces — can pack a big nutritional punch with a low carb count. Toss back almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, pistachios, or peanuts for a high-fiber snack full of healthy fats. (Just be sure to hold the salt!)


Low-fat types like cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, or mozzarella are high-protein choices that help keep your blood sugar in check. Enjoy a quarter-cup of cottage cheese with a half-cup of fruit, a piece of low-fat string cheese, or ricotta spread on whole-grain crackers.


Yes, it has carbs, but your body digests them slowly. That means they aren’t absorbed as quickly as other carbs and won’t spike your blood sugar. The chickpeas in hummus give it lots of fiber and protein to fill you up. Use a third of a cup as a dip for veggies or to spread on whole-grain crackers.


A scrambled egg white is good for a quick protein fix at home. Or hard-boil a few to keep in the fridge as on-the-go snacks.


Mix some fresh fruit into plain low-fat yogurt for a sweet treat that’s light on carbs and a great pre-workout snack. Or if you have a savory tooth, stir in soup mix and use as a dip for veggies or low-salt pretzels.


Put 3 cups of the air-popped kind into a sandwich bag as a grab-and-go option that doesn’t overload on carbs. With a dash of salt, it’s the perfect savory crunch for an afternoon pick-me-up.


It’s yummy as-is, but you can also spruce it up for a kick. Mash three avocados, add some salsa, cilantro, and a little lime juice, and voila: guacamole. Keep your serving size to a quarter-cup for a snack that has less than 20 grams of carbs.


Half a cup of it paired with four soda crackers is a tasty snack that won’t break the blood sugar bank.